Founded in 1815

The Bathurst Showground site has been used for agricultural purposes since the founding

of the settlement in 1815 and is the venue for a variety of events including the annual

Bathurst Royal Show.

Today the Bathurst Showground is still used for agricultural, livestock and various

Equestrian purposes as well as other community and social events.

The facilities are also available for hire for weddings, music events, cultural and art events, school activities, motorcycle sports, private functions and a range of other events.

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Show parade
queen at showground 1954
noel moxon stand2
noel moxon stand
main arena1
c1890 SLoV
19thC - ringside


The showground demonstrates a continuity of historical activity, the site being used continually as a showground since 1878. This is one of the earliest sites that has been used continuously and has some of the earliest extant showground buildings including the Howard Pavilion which was designed by Edward Gell and erected in 1879. Additionally, the showground is of high architectural merit with particular care being taken with the placement of buildings and the architectural styles in which they were built. This attention was extended to the landscape setting, thereby creating a landmark in the town of Bathurst and the region. The Bathurst Showground contains the most comprehensive array and aesthetically cohesive suite of showground buildings in a NSW regional town and provide a great entry into the nearby Bathurst CBD. 


The showground is significant as an example of agricultural showground, which often form an important focus for rural communities and aid in the social and technical development of rural and regional areas and consequently historically assisted with the development of industry and economy of the state. The Bathurst Showground is a worthy representation of this rural establishment having attracted people from a wide geographical area and it is an outstanding example of its type with regard to its aesthetic appeal and longevity.

Bathurst Showground was State Heritage Listed on 3 September 2015.

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